Ski bums for a week in Wanaka

My friends and I stayed in Wanaka in the South Island of New Zealand as a base and we skied the commercial resorts viz: Treble Cone, Cardrona and Snow farm.

Four of us divvied up a share in  renting an apartment overlooking Lake Wanaka, car hire and food. We agreed to drum up a prize meal with our favourite recipe and maybe eat out a night or two. I must say it was a a great fun ‘long’ week away as it took in both Saturdays and Sundays on the ends of the week, flying out on the Friday red-eye special and leaving late on Sunday. Our costs were pretty low with air fares from Melbourne, car hire, resort entry, fuel all up costing a shade under AUD$1100.00. 

Excepting one of us, we were all cross country skiers, so we had telemark gear.  However, we weren't going to do it the hard way, by climbing the mountains with skins. We are here to simply play on the mountains and improve our skills so were are using the downhill lifts. The weather was absolutely superb all week.

There was no worry about the quality nor quantity of snow being so late in September.  the only bane was that we had to wait until 11:00 am before getting on the snow as it was frozen until then. After about 3 or 4pm the snow softened towards slush, but we were hammered soon after and were willing to head on down the mountain.  

I took my bicycle over so I was happy to get some riding in before heading to the mountains.  After 3 days of heavy duty skiing we took the day off, so I headed to Queenstown that day, whilst the others went to Snow Farm.

The cycling in this area is wonderful, whether it be out to the gates entering Treble Cone, out towards Queenstown or exploring round the the lake. I found it a great way to warm up the legs before skiing.

Though not as gnarly as say Craigieburn nor as sublime as Mt Olympus, Treble Cone and Cardrona were fun resorts and gave us ample opportunity to play.  I did not visit Snow Farm, but the others say it was very good.
The likeable rogue – the Kea was never far away. Reknown for his destructive or thieving ways, we managed to stay clear of his mischievous antics.

A week away skiing with 4 mates. Good fun, good company, good skiing, good food, well and truly stuffed after a day and week of  skiing  – what more can you ask for ?

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